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Michael J. Lichens

Editor | Writer | Spokesperson | Weird Travels & History

I've been a professional editor for decades now and have had the joy of editing articles, nonfiction manuscripts, memoirs, short stories, and scripts. I'm also an author who has been featured on national and international media, especially when it comes to things like the paranormal.


Introducing Mr. Lichens

My academic background brought me to studying Religion & Literature at the University of Chicago with some time in Rome and Oxford. While I've left behind academia, I'm still an observer of the human condition who wants to tell its story. To that end, I've appeared on Coast to Coast AM, Gaia TV, EWTN, and a host of podcasts hosted by people of every background. What story can I help you to tell?


Latest Media Appearances

Articles | Interviews | Expertise

Radio & Podcasts

My dulcet Oregon accent in play.


TV & Video

My voice, but with video!


Books & Articles

I write 'em, I edit 'em.

Image by Markus Winkler
Image by Ryan Lum

Get in Touch

Are you needing somebody with expertise about medieval religious art and exorcism? Or just a good editor? Really, I'm here to find a way to continue telling stories or just adding more brewery buddies. Feel free to reach out.

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